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Developing an integral innovative concept for Urban Mining.  

2 years of research and testing results in a concept for fully sorting and processing Municipal Solid Waste to a Zero2Landfill Solution with all products with added value. At this moment there are plans for developing a new plant.  



Feasibility study for Aruba government.  Sorting MSW from collection and Landfill mining. 


Recycling centre

Developing a recycling centre for Hong Kong CityThe challenge was to create a easy to use urban solution where citizens can deliver all kind of recyclables.


Beverage carton recycling

Developinan innovative way for 100% recycling of beverage cartonsThis recycling technique is partly patented. Pilot project is finished. Realization of a new factory is planned for 2017 to produce High quality Paper fibers, LD-PE granulate, HD-PE flakes, virgin quality LD-PE powder, Aluminium briquettes or flakes. 


Carbon Calculator

Developed a Carbon Calculator for separated waste streams. Together with WSS Asia and TNO we expanded the calculator into an online application. With this Carbon Calculator companies and municipalities can calculate their Carbon Footprint and their Carbon reduction by separation projects.


Coarse rejects processing 

Developing processing line for coarse rejects from Paper mill in KahramanmaraƟ, Turkey. Separating Paper fibers froall sorts of plastics and metal into raw materials with added value.  


Cotton insulation production

Developing Cotton insulation production from Cotton waste in Turkey. Production of Insulation hard panels and soft panels for Thermal and Acoustic Insulation.


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